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Aurora Hot Candle Massage - Christmas Offer

Christmas Offers...Book Now ✨ Aurora Hot Candle Massage Therapy | Only £55.00 (usual price £75.00) Try the Aurora #hotcandle #massagetherapy today and take advantage of the amazing #christmasoffer! Relax, Uplift, De-stress and Energise your mood. This new type of therapy combines the use of massage candles and psychological principles to produce a positive transformation in life. The benefits are endless, they offer relief from back pain, headache, osteoarthritis, relief of cancer symptoms and anxiety. Use of candle massage heightens relaxation, soothing feelings, healing of wounds and injuries, heightened feelings of reassurance, easing of tension, stiffness and pain. Improves breathing and helps with blood circulation through the body providing enhanced feelings of wellbeing. Book today for an all round amazing experience with our specialist massage therapist. Uses a combination of Thai, Mediterranean and Bali massage techniques. Book now by calling 01474334994 or #bookonline via our website


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